The UN has again called on the conflicting parties in Sudan to stop fighting within five days

The United Nations (UN) has once again asked the Sudanese Army and the Forces de Soutien Rapide (FSR), to provide a five-day grace period to provide aid to those in the country.

The people living in Khartoum have been living in misery, because of the fighting that is going on in this city. Most have no electricity, no water, no food and no money.
A few days ago, the UN also asked these parties to stop fighting for seven days, on the grounds of providing aid to the victims, but it was not respected, but at that time the fighting started again.
United Nations figures show that 25 million Sudanese out of 45 million people in the country need help with food, water, medicine and other necessities for daily life.
UN figures also show that 1.5 million people were displaced, and 1,800 people died in the war.

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